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Our Vision

Hello everyone, we are Total Mixx Radio.  We are the home to the Best Independent Artists around.  Our vision consists of a simple principle " Give the Indie Artist the Airplay they deserve."  We offer various ways to listen to our selection of highly talented Indie Artists.  Tune into us on Live365.

You as the listener gave give these Independent Artists the credit they deserve.  Listeners help us realize our Vision by sharing Total Mixx Radio with all your friends.

Mission Statement


The Staff of Total Mixx Radio are doers, shakers & ground breakers.  Everyone of our On-Air Personalities has years experience in the radio world.  We feel here at Total Mixx Radio that FM Stations are on the way out, as listeners are irritated with hearing new music genres of Country Pop; Country Rock; Country Rap.  Many of our listeners have expressed the interest in hearing Traditional Country Music, not a mixture of Genres.  

Total Mixx Radio is the place to go for Indie Music of all genres.  We have won and have been nominated for numerous awards for Professional, Quality programming.  We are the hottest station to go to for your high quality Indie Music.  

Our highly professional staff strive everyday to bring you the newest, hottest indie music out there.  This is a pledge we do not take lightly, as that is why we have a full time Talent Scout who searches out the best new Indie Music from all genres. 

Our Mission is to be the best in Internet Radio. Our highly professional On-Air Personalities do this every day with our interesting entertaining programming.  Most of our Competitors strive to be like us, but they fail to remember the licensing aspect.  Total Mixx Radio is fully licensed by ASCAP, BMI, Sony and other licensing boards to stream music and do it professionally.